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R. Nikwan Murphy

Nikwan has retired after 27 years as a Weapons Training Officer for the NYS Department of Correctional Services. He has trained officers from many different Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the state, and he has co-trained and cross trained with members on the city, state, and federal levels.

As an Armorer for film and television— He insures that the actors and crew are safely handling the weapons on the set. As well as making sure the weapons are safe to use. Also Training the actors in the proper manner to look professional in the use of those weapons.

In 1980 Nikwan was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. He has been practicing Martial Arts since 1971. His Martial Arts experience is: Kuroshi-Do 9th degree Hanshi (Professor) Karate/Aki-jujitsu, Aki-Elmore Ryu Aki-jujitsu, Shoto Kan Karate, and Iaido.

He has trained and worked Executive Protection Details. Protected such people as; Cardinal Edward John Egan while Archbishop of New York. His Predecessor Cardinal John O’Connor, both while on tour of NY State. United Nations Ambassador Toure of Mali Africa Multiple, members of Clergy and Corporate Executives as well Entertainment Celebrities.

He is now training security professionals, both unarmed and armed. He also trains unarmed defensive tactics and armed. He is a certified instructor in: Firearms, Use of Force, Baton, Legal’s and Legal Issues, Executive Protections, Master Suicide Prevention , Master Crime Scene and Evidence Collection, 20 yr Correction Emergency Response Team. He is a trained Armorer for Glock, Remington (Shotguns and Rifles), Colt LE & Mil Weapons and Smith & Wesson.

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